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Price Schedule

New York State Criminal Records:  $108.95 (per search). Office of Court Administration  Requires full name and DOB. 1-2 Day turnaround.

Investigative:  $195.00 per hour plus expenses (6 hour minimum).                                                                                

Surveillance:  $195.00 per hour (8 hour minimum) Includes 2 operatives, vehicle, video, written report. Mileage, tolls and out of pocket expenses extra.

Fingerprint Services: Live Scan or Ink In our office - Financial ( FINRA, NFA ), Insurance Licenses (Outside NY), Liquor Licenses (Outside NY)  NY Mortgage Bankers and Lenders, Bar Exam,  Adoption, Canadian Immigration, Good Conduct, etc., there is a three (3) card minimum per person $50 plus tax, addl. cards $12.50 plus tax.

Fingerprint Service: Your office in Manhattan $175.00 ( includes first 8 cards), addl. cards $12.50. Long Island, Northern New Jersey,& Connecticut extra depending on mileage out of Manhattan.

Fingerprint: (Forensic) Development and Chemical Analysis $1200.00, Comparison $600.00 (includes first 2 hours, addl..$175.00 per hour), $750.00 Court Testimony.

Polygraph Examination: $500.00 per "Specific". Performed by former NYPD Polygraphists. Must meet guidelines. Matrimonial and Domestic examinations $600.00      

Statements Taken: $175.00 per hour (4 hour minimum).                                          

Armed Security Officers: Contract: Office buildings, Installations, Corporations, Residences, Hotels, Upscale Retail Stores from $49.00 per hour Specials: Including  Book Signings, Guest Appearances, Parties, Special Events from $95.00 per hour. Close Protection: Including Employee Termination, Executive Protection, Witness Protection $165.00 per hour (includes 2 agent team with an 8 hour minimum) and up depending on threat level.

Premium Unarmed  Uniformed Security Officers. Start at  $32.95 per hour. (6 month contract minimum)

Pre Employment  $350.00 Includes Pre Employment Trans Union Credit Report, DMV Records, Statewide Criminal Check,  Public Record Search (Upper Civil Court Filings-County of Residence, Statewide Federal Criminal and Federal Civil Courts,  Liens, Judgments, Sex Offender Registry, National Wants & Warrants, Address History, Investigative Database.

New York State Department of Banking Background Check. Prices depend on biographical address history of candidate. Most reports fall between from $750.00 to $1250.00 We can review candidate's address history for exact charges before beginning. Please contact us for information further. Contact Us  On hold till further notice

1. Pre-Employment Trans Union Credit Report $28.95 Confirms Addresses, SSN, Public Records, (same or next day return by E-Mail)

2. Add on Same Day Criminal Court Retrieval $108.95 (Most accurate NY Criminal search available) (same or next day return by E-Mail)

3. Add on NY Driving Record  $28.95 (Direct from Albany's computer) (same or next day return by E-Mail)  Make sure applicant is who he or she says they are. Confirm correct DOB, Address, Scofflaw, DUI etc.

4. Add on Liens, Judgments, Address History, & UCC Filings $65.00 (same or next day return by E-Mail)

5. Add on Suits (as Plaintiff and Defendant - County of Residence), Federal Criminal Court (District of Residence), Federal Civil Court (District of Residence) & Bankruptcy Court (Statewide), $65.00 (same or next day return by E-Mail)

6. Add on National Wants & Warrants  $28.95

7. Add on Sex Offender Registry $28.95

8. Add on Address History $28.95

Call 212 757 6266 or E-Mail info@holmesdetective.com for release forms and any questions you may have. You must fax us a letter of  request on your company letterhead, copy of government photo ID of applicant with our signed release.

In NY license is titled Private Investigator, in CT & NJ license titled Private Detective

Please note: Armed guard services are provided at  the discretion of Holmes Detective Bureau, Inc. management.

We accept all major credit cards