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Investigative Services: Attorney Services and Litigation Support 

Dan Mahoney, Captain NYPD retired, heads a staff of highly competent licensed private investigators who possess a wide range of experience gained in the Detective Division of the New York City Police Department, various Sate and Federal Agencies. Mr. Mahoney is also best selling police procedural author with his books published  by St. Martin's Press.

We have provided discreet and professional investigations for over 87 years. Our experience provides us with a vast network of resources to work from, which allows us the unique opportunity to provide our clients with superior services locally and nationally. Holmes maintains constant communication with our clients during an investigation which contributes to the overall success of the case.

Holmes also understands that time is of the essence when it comes to investigations and our investigators are trained to undertake and complete investigations in a timely manner. Investigators are professional, competent and experienced professionals. Detailed reports are prepared daily and are either faxed or E-Mailed to clients upon request.