Licensed Private Investigators * New York, Connecticut, New Jersey

In New York State there are approximately 2,250 licensed private investigator firms...

only 10 can have " Detective" in their company name.

Midtown Manhattan Office: 1270 Avenue Of The Americas, 19th Floor, New York City, NY 10020

(Between 50 and 51st Street) Rockefeller Center

General Info:  212 255 4444     /     Fingerprints:  212 757 6266      /


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Special for FINRA registred companies: Pre-Employ Credit Report: Submit 5 or more new hire releases in a 24 hour period for $23.95 plus tax each.

TransUnion Peer Report (pre-employment credit report) Regularly 28.95 each plus tax. for employee release.

E-mail requests for fingerprinting service between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Monday thru Friday. We can sometimes miss E-mails sent on weekends, holidays & overnight.

RE: FINRA RULE 3110 (e): Pre-Employment Credit Report, $28.95 plus tax.

RE: FINRA RULE 3110 (e): Pre-Employment Credit Report, Criminal Record Check (Statewide Where Available) Federal Criminal, Federal Civil, Law Suits as Defendant & Plaintiff, Liens, Judgments & Bankruptcy Filings. Prices depend on how many states and counties candidate has lived over past 7 years.  E-mail or call for prices. 

Fingerprints taken on-site (your office) are payable upon completion by credit card. A paid invoice will be E-mailed by end of business day your card charged. $175.00 (in Manhattan) for 1st 8 cards. $12.50 for additional cards taken after the 8th. All plus tax.

Special for Employers: TransUnion Peer Report (pre-employment credit report) $23.95 when submitting 5 or more within a 24hr period. Still the single best tool when making a hiring decision. Same day turnaround.

Special for Employers: NY Criminal Record Search, Pre-Employment Credit Report,  3 Sets of Fingerprints, & NYDMV Record Search  for  $210.95 plus tax. Same or next day turnaround. To request a release form for a TransUnion Peer Report (pre-employment credit report) 

Fingerprints taken in our office on 3 cards by ink (or Live Scan submitted to FINRA) $50.00 plus tax. Same day appointment only. Call  9AM - 1 PM day you wish to come in. We are usually booked by 1PM. Call 212.757.6266.

TransUnion Peer Report $28.95 plus tax.

NY Dept of Motor Vehicles Record $28.95 plus tax. Out of state DMV $34.95 plus tax.

NY Statewide Criminal Record Search $108.95 plus tax.